Many individuals are aware of the cherry blossom strain. In fact, we’re not even certain of its origin. One thing is certain, however, many specialists are only able to hypothesise on the hows and whys of this enigmatic cultivar: it’s a deadly indica strain that will undoubtedly make you pass out. This cryptic cannabis cultivar is authoritative and captivating, with hard-hitting effects that further add to the intrigue of its secretive roots.

Cherry blossoms are somewhat mysterious. It is as delightful as its name says, with a lot of sweetness and berry undertones in the aroma and flavour. Cherry Blossom has a high concentration of THC and is predominantly indica. Make sure you arrive where you’re going before you consume this strain because it will have you glued to the couch in no time. This strain is excellent for those who want to enjoy peaceful sleep in their favourite chair and get relief from mild aches.


The Pacific Northwest, comprising Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington, is notable for cultivating the indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known as Cherry Blossom. Customers describe it as a peaceful and physically soothing cannabis strain that was first created by Swamp Boy Seeds by fusing the DNA of the hybrid cannabis strain, Cherry Pie, and orange blossom trail.

Reviews claim that its indica-leaning effects have the ability to leave users feeling drowsy and sedated. When trying the Cherry Blossom strain, they advise inexperienced users to start with smaller and more controlled doses.

Large, somewhat airy, dark, forest green buds covered in a covering of thick, golden, glandular trichomes and burnt orange pistils are produced by the Cherry Blossom strain. The Cherry Blossom strain’s buds have a fruity, sweet, and earthy aroma that you’ll experience upon breaking them apart. This aroma is often accompanied by a similar sweet and fruity taste that is reminiscent of cherries on the inhale and an earthy and peppery aftertaste on the exhale.


Customers who have had an opportunity to try this strain report that Cherry Blossom frequently tests at higher levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, up to 28% in certain batches, making it popular among users wanting to ease symptoms of PTSD, melancholy, stress, and moderate headaches.


Buds of the Cherry Blossom strain that have been properly grown and cured are noted to smell fruity, sweet, and earthy.


90% of Cherry Blossoms genetic makeup is indica. Due to its debut prior to legalisation, neither its breeders nor its pedigree are known, which is unfortunate.

The Cherry Blossom strain has a terrifying THC content that varies from 18% to 21%. Beginners should avoid it, and even seasoned smokers need to use common sense.

It is better to consume it at night because, according to users, it frequently results in couch-lock.

In addition to its strong effects, this kush has a delicious scent. The Cherry Blossom strain has a pleasant, cherry-like aroma to it. However, the flavour also fits the name and offers a delectable cherry flavour with berry undertones.


After intake, a cerebral high produces exhilaration as well as a relaxing feeling in the body. Then, all nervous and gloomy thoughts are washed away as the mind settles into a relaxed condition. Additionally, the Cherry Blossom marijuana strain has no effect on concentration. The high ends with a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation, which is followed by a restful night’s sleep.

The excessive tension, anxiety, and despair that might be caused by using cannabis can be relieved. Additionally, it has restorative effects while dealing with physical aches and headaches. This strain is helpful for insomnia because of its drowsiness-inducing properties.


There are several options for where to purchase Cherry Blossom weed seeds. You can cultivate the plant both inside and outside. The flowering cycle lasts around nine weeks when grown indoors. On the other hand, harvest time for plants cultivated outside is around the middle of October.


It is safe to assume that the Cherry Blossom strain primarily inherits the Berry Blossom parent strain’s flavour. The floral nuances in the sweet, berry flavour make it a genuine treat for low-tolerance consumers. For individuals who might not prefer the harsh, pungent, or skunky aspects of more robust cultivars, the sweet nectar-like aftertaste makes the entire experience fairly enjoyable and easy.

The cherry blossom strain, though perhaps a bit of a lightweight to purists, finds its rightful place among other lighter, brighter strains with simple flavours and endearing fragrances. So Cherry Blossom might be what you’re looking for if you want something simple and easy.

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