High winds may not attract the same attention that tornadoes or hurricanes deserve, but they can be extremely dangerous. we should know High Wind Warning

They may occur during intense thunderstorms, in conjunction with powerful low-pressure systems, or happen on sunny days.

The force of the wind can cause damage to power, rip down trees and, in some cases it can result in damage to roofs.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issues high wind watches and alerts in cases where these potentially destructive wind gusts are likely or likely.

A good illustration that illustrates NWS High wind alerts released on December. 15th, 2021 for the mid-section of the country.

Here are some things to consider when you’re under the threat of strong winds:

-Bring loose outdoor items such as Christmas decorations and chairs to the garage or the house and securely tie them together. Apart from the danger of the items getting destroyed or blown away and ruined by airborne debris, they can also be hazardous.

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Make sure your phone is fully charged prior to when the strongest winds come through in the event that you are powerless.

Make sure you have several ways of receiving NWS alerts, which include your smartphone, NOAA weather radio or local media.

You can turn off “government alerts” on your phone to be informed by National Weather Service. National Weather Service, even at night.

If you own an NOAA Weather radio ensure sure that it is equipped with new batteries in case of power interruption and keep it turned in the dark to ensure that you are awake.

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The severe storms that cause damage to the wind are likely to move quickly, meaning you might not be able to stay as long as you believe. Get shelter right away if you receive warnings from the NWS severe storm warning.

Take cover in the event of warnings for severe thunderstorms, just like you would during a tornado warning, on the lowest level of your building or home or building, and in a basement or in a specially-designed safe area. The reason for this is that tornadoes can quickly form within the squall line of severe storms with no warning and because of the risk of trees falling.

Avoid driving in the strongest winds, particularly in high-profile vehicles. Your car could be swept away from the road. Dust and snow that are entangled in strong winds can make it difficult to see. Trees may fall on the road ahead and make it difficult to spot at night, unless they are directly in front of you or they may fall onto your vehicle.

In colder weather you might want to turn up the temperature on your thermostat prior to when the strongest winds hit, in the event that you are without power for a several hours or more. It is also possible to activate the space heat in your bedroom(s) so that they stay warm until the storms arrive.

The Weather Company’s main journalistic goal is to report on the latest weather events as well as the environmental impact and significance of science in our daily lives. This article does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint the parent firm, IBM.

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However, it was an isolated incident of teacup-sized droppings of ice from the clouds.

“The region that was actually affected by the hail probably was only a couple of square miles in all,” Hahn said.

The storm struck on the final Friday of the summer season, and numerous West Des Moines schools set to open on Wednesday.

Five schools suffered the most destruction from the storm that hit the West Des Moines Community School District:

  1. Crossroads Park Elementary
  2. Fairmeadows Elementary
  3. Hillside Elementary
  4. Stilwell Junior High
  5. Valley High School

This morning, the school district issued the following announcement: “All back-to-school events are going as planned and the first day of classes is Wednesday, August. 24. Fans are likely to be present in the hallways and in areas to keep completely drying buildings, but we’re fortunate to be doing well in light of the flood we experienced last week.”

While hail of 3 inches could not have been anticipated in the central part of Iowa, the majority of Iowa was in a heightened severe weather threat on Friday when an incoming low pressure system moved across the state.

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