Why do we all dream of a good massage? It is a moment of relaxation and letting go for body and mind.  Savanna Medical Centre Getting a massage is simply taking care of yourself  and frankly it feels good! But what type of massage to choose? Whether we are stressed, athletic or future mother, our massage needs are not the same. It is to meet all desires that there are so many massage techniques. To find out which massage is right for you: follow the guide.

Massage World Tour

Do you want to travel? Getting a massage allows you to escape and it’s not for nothing. Most massage methods are inspired by culture and rituals around the world. So embark on our world tour of massages: relaxation destination 

Thai Massage

This technique relieves muscle tension through tonic pressure and stretching. Thai massage is recommended to relieve back pain and is particularly suitable for athletes.

Chinese Massage

Inspired by ancestral Chinese know-how, this massage method aims to rebalance the energies throughout the body, while soothing the mind. This is the service designed to enjoy a moment of relaxation and a feeling of overall well-being.

Californian Massage

Looking for relaxation and comfort? The Californian massage will offer you maximum relaxation, from head to toe. It’s the classic massage to indulge yourself with a well-being break just for yourself.

Ayurvedic massage

Inspired by Indian medicine, this traditional massage eliminates toxins and regulates physical and mental energy. This technique is relatively gentle and soothing. Ayurvedic massage is recommended to gain tone but also to evacuate stress and fatigue.

Japanese Massage

More specifically, we are talking about Shiatsu here . This discipline brings vitality and dynamism to the body. Japanese massage is the anti-stress solution to free yourself from sleep disorders and replenish your energy.

Lomi Lomi massage

This know-how is inspired by ancestral Polynesian rituals. Of Hawaiian origin, this treatment is a real invitation to travel! It is the ideal service to take care of your body and mind. Lomi-Lomi rebalances energies, erases fatigue and stress.

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Swedish Massage

It is a dynamic massage that works the whole body in depth, from the muscles to the joints. Appreciated by athletes, the Swedish technique stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and tones the body .

Essential Massage Techniques

Rather palpate roll or deep tissue? If you have the impression that you are being spoken to in another language, it is because you do not yet know the best massages. We will explain everything to you.

Foot Reflexology

This is a foot massage method that provides benefits throughout the body. Each zone of the foot corresponds to a part of the body. Plantar reflexology thus makes it possible to relax the whole body through pressure exerted on the feet.

Deep Tissue Massage

Particularly appreciated by athletes, this technique allows deep massage of the muscles to relieve muscle tension. Deep Tissue is a fairly intense massage, recommended to relieve targeted muscle pain .

Lymphatic Drainage

Heavy legs ? Cellulitis? Circulatory problems? Lymphatic drainage is for you! It is a detox massage that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation .

Prenatal Massage

Heavy legs ? Back pain ? Prenatal massage is perfect for expectant mothers. It relieves ailments associated with pregnancy, such as lower back pain or heavy legs. This is the massage for pregnant women looking for a moment of well-being.

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