Your experience starts with a shocking horseback ride top tour companies in Jamaica’s woodlands. You will pass farmland, research the leftovers of an eighteenth-century sugar bequest, and hear records of Jamaica’s particular history. Then experience the flood of genuine ‘pull’ during a with close to no security ride into the sparkle of the Caribbean Ocean on your swimming pony. No past experience is required. Our totally coordinated ponies and cautious partners will guarantee your solace and security during this astonishing experience. top tour companies in Jamaica’s.


Visit Coordinates


  • Ride through exquisite mountainsides


  • Ride past endlessly streams


  • Surprising perspective on the Caribbean Ocean


  • Thrilling sans security ride in the warm Caribbean Ocean on your swimming pony


WEIGHT Limits:






Get for this experience is open from most basic lodgings in the Montego Straight region, as well as from explicit Houses and Airbnb’s. You will recognize your assist with timing through email or phone after you’ve finished your booking.


Colossal Notification


Expecting nobody minds, note on the off chance that you are not extra in Montego Waterway you will should pay an extra expense for transportation. We don’t do free move beyond Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego Straight (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Astounding Oster Sound, Sea Coral Spring, Gland Bahia Principe, Fantastic Palladium, and so on. top tour companies in Jamaica’s.


Extra Transportation charges from these picked inns


  • Royalton Blue Water


  • Royalton White Sand


  • Sea Coral Spring


  • Sea Eden Bay


  • Sublime Shellfish Straight


Things To Bring


  • Change of dress and towel as this visit is a wet visit.


  • Close toe shoes


  • Sunscreen


  • Cash for additional rooms and gift shop


  • Swimwear


  • Mosquito repellent




  • Pregnant ladies


  • Clients with back or neck issues


  • Clients who have had an activity recently


  • Not wheelchair open


Broad stretches of development:


  • Monday


  • Wednesday


  • Thursday


  • Friday


  • Saturday


  • Sunday


Booking and Reservation Framework Through Zella


All plans, or reservations ought to be paid 2 days from the get-go for your visits to be bore witness to. Reservations made through Zella won’t be held without segment. In the event that your booking isn’t paid 2 days ahead of schedule, it will accordingly be dropped. We suggest that you make the critical piece to happen with your booking. top tour companies in Jamaica’s.


Gigantic Data


A statement email with Affirm Get time will be moved off you through EMAIL/SMS the day going before your authentic visit. If nobody truly minds, note the time displayed on the site is only for you to find out about what time these visits start. top tour companies in Jamaica’s.


Your confirmation email will show to address time for all pick-ups. If nobody truly minds, attempt to examine your affirmation email, you can check your spam or junk mail to track down attestation in the event that not displayed in your new sends. top tour companies in Jamaica’s.


Withdrawal Strategy-Jamaica


  • Any withdrawals made something like 96 (96) hours or more will not draw in a getting out cost.


  • Any dropping made under 96 hours in any case over 72 hours before the booked visit time, will draw down the middle (half) discipline.


  • All undoing’s should be submitted recorded as a printed variant to the Affiliation and got by Unprecedented Visits Dunn’s River Falls with Horse Ride inside the timespans framed above to be prepared for a discount.


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