Transmission Mount
Transmission Mount

Symptoms of a Faulty Transmission Mount-If you want to avoid premature wear of your engine, routine maintenance is key. Routine maintenance also ensures that your vehicle operates smoothly and safely. However, with so many parts and components, it’s easy to miss tell-tale signs that it is time to replace parts like your rear transmission mount or your rear brakes and rotors.


A transmission mount consists of a transmission mount bracket, which is typically made of steel, and a mount, which consists of urethane or rubber bushing. The rubber bushing in your transmission helps to reduce noise in the cabin of the vehicle by isolating vibration while you drive and the bracket ensures that the transmission is secured to the vehicle.


If your transmission mount is not functioning properly, you may notice the following symptoms.


Excessive Vibrations


One of the key functions of the transmission mount is to isolate engine vibrations while you drive. This means that if your transmission mount is faulty, you will notice that your car vibrates more than usual when you drive. This is because when the transmission mount fails, it cannot isolate vibrations and they travel into the cabin of your vehicle.


Abnormal Noises


If you start hearing clunking or banging sounds, it might mean that your transmission mount is not anchored securely. This results in metal shifting and banging into other metal. In most cases, if your Rear Transmission Mount is faulty, you will notice clanking or banging when you brake abruptly, put the transmission into gear, or accelerate.


Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid


If your transmission mount malfunctions, the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), which lubricates components in the mount to stop friction, may start leaking. Once the ATF starts leaking the risk of overheating increases since the ATF prevents overheating as well as enables gear engagement.


Difficulty Cornering


You may notice that it gets harder to make a turn when your transmission mount is faulty. This is because a shifting engine may shift in the opposite direction while you are cornering, causing an imbalance.


Why Does A Transmission Mount Fail?


  • Normal wear and tear: Due to oxidation and vibration, most transmission mounts will need replacing after about 100,000 miles.


  • Oxidation: The transmission will become faulty if the rubber or urethane is impacted by oxidation.


  • Vibration: Your transmission mount consists of a steel bracket. This bracket can fail due to vibration.


  • Accidents: If your vehicle suffers front-end damage in an accident, the transmission mount may fail.


What Happens If You Don’t Replace A Worn Transmission Mount?


Overlooking failing or worn-out components and parts like Rear Brakes And Rotors or transmission mounts can end up costing you more down the line. Worn-out parts may cause other components in the vehicle to wear out prematurely or malfunction.


If you ignore a worn transmission mount, the following could happen:


  • The transmission mount’s attachment point will wear out
  • Premature wear to components like axles and the driveshaft
  • Excess drive train movement resulting in broken or worn transmission lines.
  • Premature wear to the other transmission parts and the engine


What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Transmission Mount?


On average, replacing your transmission mount may cost anywhere between $200 and $500, but this may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and whether you hire a mechanic to replace it or you do it yourself.


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