Stainless steel crowns in Pediatric Dentistry- Human tooth is not indestructible. The rise in the cases of dental caries, decays have proven just that. Here, the stainless steel crown (SSC) is preferred to restore the prior glory of non-stop chewing in adults and kids alike. Their build is sturdy and takes only a single visit to the dentist for successful crowning mostly the anterior teeth. The stainless steel crown for pediatric dentistry are viable options as the milktooth later gives way to the adult tooth. These dark metallic minions are quite formidable- resistant against crack formation, discolouration, anti-rusting, inert to all the substances ingested.

The stainless steel crown tooth has immense benefits of preserving their structure, aids in proper growth and gives relief from the spread of infections. These were first introduced into pediatric dentistry in the late 1940s. Cheaper material yet the durability of alloy steel makes it them first choice of parents while choosing a temporary protection for their kid’s tooth. These are the ideal situations after which the tooth is knighted by the shiny armour of steel-

  • Removal of caries
  • Pulpectomy and pulpotomy
  • Fractured, crooked or chipped tooth
  • Lasting option to protect against tooth decay and for patients who prefer only a single visit to the dentist for a quick fix
  •  Weak enamel conditions
  • Cracked or compromised dental fillings and such prior white crowns
  • Intensive spread of caries or large cavities

Now, get vast arrays of the prefabricated stainless steel crowns which are different from the custom made crowns. They are manufactured by certified companies, available in sets and kept in store with the dentist for ready usage. Trial and error method is used to find the apt crown that suits the concerned tooth profile. This way, there is no need to extend the treatment with the dentist as it gets done right away.

Stainless steel crowns in Pediatric Dentistry
Stainless steel crowns in Pediatric Dentistry

The stainless steel crowns for adults are also popular in the genre of veneered sets; securing the tooth from the gums and up along with the fulfillment of aesthetic value. Smiles and bites are practiced, perfected until the maximum satisfaction of the patient and the dentist. The dental cement is then applied. Only that, the veneered crowns are a notch up in cost. The stainless steel tooth crown itself is a match for the care of anterior tooth.  Treatment and crown seating cost adds up with the crown cost. This is also determined by the extent of decay, complications and tooth pulp to be removed. 


The oral health can be secured with the right kind of dental crown provided the timely visit to the dentist. The dental crowns are evolving with the basic fillings to casing them in precious metals, alloys and dental grade, engineered materials to resemble the real tooth itself. The care of primary teeth, popularly known as the baby tooth, has got the pediatric stainless steel crowns for lasting protection of 5-10 years; after which the adult tooth takes over the space so securely, hygienically covered by them. Their seating and removal is easy and pain free. Very rarely do cases of subsequent dental visits pop up with the SSC.

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