A development to the Quest 2, Meta is sending off another purchaser grade computer generated reality headset one year from now.


The organization reported this during the present Q3 profit call, in which the organization stamped one more $3 billion quarterly misfortune to its metaverse ventures. Yet, CFO David Wehner says that a portion of this proceeded with cost can be made sense of through Meta’s proceeded with interest in new equipment improvement, including another shopper grade headset that will emerge one year from now.


Only weeks prior, Meta divulged the Quest Pro, a $1,499 headset that is focused on toward power clients, particularly the people who will utilize it to work. Yet, existing headsets like the Quest 2 are planned to submerge normal individuals in the organization’s fantasies for the metaverse. At the present time, the Journey 2 retails for $399, yet this late spring, Meta climbed the cost by $100 to attempt to compensate for lost costs.


We don’t discover considerably more about Meta’s new headset, beside the way that … it’s in progress! Yet, leading the pack up to the Quest Expert, recently alluded to as “Task Cambria,” Meta dropped a ton of breadcrumbs to publicity up the strong headset, so it’s inevitable before we find out more.


“There’s as yet a drawn out, difficult experience ahead to fabricate the following figuring stage. However, we’re plainly accomplishing driving work here. This is a huge endeavor and it’s frequently going to take a couple of renditions of every item before they become standard,” Zuckerberg said on the present profit call. “However, I feel that our work here will be of notable significance and make the establishment for an altogether new way that we will collaborate with one another and mix innovation into our lives, as well as the establishment for the long haul of our business.”


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