Pdf Compression Online – If you want to use a PDF file on a screen or prepare it for uploading to your website, it should be as small as possible. We show you in this article how to compress the size of a high-resolution PDF – on Windows, for Mac and online. Pdf Compression Online is as common as it is ingenious. However, the “correct” size of a PDF depends on its intended use.


For a flyer or poster, you need a PDF of print data in high resolution quality. On the other hand, for display on a screen or printing on a domestic inkjet printer, it is not necessary to have such a quantity of data. In this case, a PDF of reduced data size or compression quality is sufficient. The real challenge, however, is to reduce the size of an existing PDF file in order, for example, to comply with upload restrictions. This is made even more difficult if the original files or the authoring program are not available.


Pdf Compression Online for Windows users


As a Windows user, you have two different options to compress a PDF and thus reduce the file size: save the PDF with reduced size or as an optimized PDF.


Reduce The Size Of The PDF And Save It With A Reduced Size


The first idea is not always the best, but the most obvious: open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and choose from the File menu the command Save as: PDF with reduced size. (This command is unfortunately not available with the free software Acrobat Reader; in this case, help yourself with Online Tools )


Acrobat then  automatically recalculates  the images and compresses them. It also removes the built-in base 14 fonts (Courier, Helvetica, Times, Symbol, and Zapf Dingbats) and built-in subsets, compresses the document structure, and automatically removes invalid bookmarks and digital signatures. Finally, the PDF is saved again with a reduced file size. With this variant, the user can not  influence the intensity of the compression nor the resolution of the image. Here, images are automatically scaled down to 150 dpi, which may result in loss of image data quality.


 Successfully Compress Pdf Online


Using manual optimization, we Compress Pdf Online our sample PDF from just under 13 megabytes to 2.8 megabytes – while maintaining respectable image and shadow quality. In detail, images and resolution have been compressed to 150 dpi, transparencies reduced and some seemingly superfluous information removed. For comparison: Acrobat’s automatic option used in the first attempt reduced the PDF to just 10.3 megabytes.


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Compress PDF for Mac Users


Compress Pdf  is a  modest-looking little wonder program. It can also be useful as a compression tool to reduce file size if you use it wisely. After opening the large PDF, select the  Export command from the File  menu  to write a new, smaller PDF. You must activate the  Compress Pdf   provided by Mac OS in the next step in order to make the PDF smaller and not larger. To do this, don’t just click  Save , but select a Quartz filter. If you export without filter, the PDF will be larger than before.


Compress PDF Online And Without Software


Various online services also offer options to reduce the size of PDFs. In this case, you don’t need to download any programs or install any software. All you need to do is upload the PDF to the provider’s website or server. A few seconds later, you can, in the best case, download the file again with a reduced file size and good quality.


Pdf Compression Online
Best Pdf Compression Online

Advantages Of Online Services


they offer quick access and do not require the tedious installation of small additional programs that pollute the computer. But you should also be aware of the disadvantages: as you upload your file to an external server on the Internet, you increase the risk related to data security. In addition, it is not always possible to adjust the type and intensity of the compression and thus, for example, to influence the quality of the image. We took a closer look at the most common providers and their online tools:


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