Medical Software for modern urgent care-The Experity Practice Velocity EMR software was designed to make billing and patient care easier. It offers robust reporting and a user-friendly interface.


 modern urgent care
modern urgent care


VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR


VelociDoc’s urgent care EMR software is web-based and is specifically designed for urgent care providers. It features a complete prescription system as well as a user-friendly interface. It integrates with Practice Velocity’s practice management software, which allows doctors control over their workflow and optimizes their business operations. It allows doctors to collect and manage patient data, grow their practice, and work smarter.


VelociDoc’s EMR for urgent care offers quick documentation. It includes auto-populating diagnostic procedures and discharge instructions. Insurance billing is also possible. E-prescribing of medications is also possible. The system also allows for online scheduling and ZipPay integration.


Practice Velocity EHR


The Practice Velocity EHR software can connect payer and patient information, boosting efficiency and productivity. With built-in efficiency such as automatic patient identification and card on-file functionality, the software streamlines your billing process. You can also customize the interface and display patient data chronologically.


Practice Velocity offers a PVM solution that allows you to automate patient registrations, check your insurance eligibility, split billing with multiple insurers, and automate work orders. It also speeds up patient payments. It has been in existence for over 12 years, and currently employs more that 230 people. It began as a garage project in 2002. Today, it has offices in Chicago and Machesney park, Illinois.


Netsmart EHR-modern urgent care


Netsmart EHR developed an EHR which combines remote patient monitoring, virtual health care, and telemedicine to aid physicians and therapists in managing their caseloads. It also includes an online portal and a mobile app that allow patients and caregivers to track their health data. It was created in collaboration with researchers from the University of Michigan, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and National Institutes of Health.

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It is easy to use and allows you to start quickly. Some features, like the inability of viewing previous patient data, can be cumbersome. There are many options that must be used, but they are not necessary. The software is still an excellent choice for small to medium-sized medical practices.


Experity EMR


The Experity Practice Velocity ERP software was created to streamline billing and improve patient care. It has built-in efficiencies like card-on-file, real-time insurance verification and an intuitive user interface. It also provides robust reporting capabilities.


Experity offers 24/7 support via its Experity Connect portal. Tickets are dealt with in priority order. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards awarded the software a prize. These awards recognize excellence in healthcare technology. This award honors the most innovative work in electronic medical records, virtual care and medical data.


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