Dedicated to traders wondering what is technical analysis on the stock market or to fundamental traders seeking to complete or change their trading style stock technical analysis in Australia you will find in this article a real introduction to technical analysis. how to perform technical analysis of a financial instrument


Forex Technical Analysis
Forex Technical Analysis


How To Start Using The Best Technical Analysis Software Available On The Market


what are the best chart patterns you can start trading with in order to become an expert in technical analysis and lots of other information? The concepts and examples developed in the following lines can be added to an introduction to Forex or to the basics of Forex chart analysis.


Learn Technical Analysis What Is Technical Analysis?


Technical analysis is the study of the price movement of a financial asset. There are many ways to identify market trends, but most techs focus on the following:


Chart patterns 


To perform their analyses, technicians use tools such as horizontal lines, trend lines and Fibonacci retracements to identify popular classic chart patterns. Among the figures that can be analyzed using technical analysis, we find in particular symmetrical triangles and consolidation figures. These figures highlight the behavior of buyers and sellers in the market.


Japanese Candlestick Figures 


To carry out their analyses, technicians also use technical analysis charts of Japanese candlesticks to identify at a glance the opening, closing, high and low a given period. Like chart patterns, Japanese candlestick patterns help identify buyer and seller behavior over a short period of time.


Technical Indicators


Finally, to complete their analyses, technicians use technical indicators to better understand market conditions and price trends. For example, many indicators and oscillators help identify when a market is overbought or oversold. Other technical indicators provide clues about bullish and bearish market momentum.


Forex Technical Analysis – History


For those of you wondering “what is technical analysis in the stock market? we will discuss the origins of this method of analysis.


Technical analysis of financial markets has existed since they were governed by the law of supply and demand. The first traces of technical analysis date back to the 17th century with Dutch traders and the 18th century with Japanese rice traders. At the end of the 19th century, technical analysis began to become popular with traders thanks to the founder and editor of the Wall Street Journal, Charles Dow.


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Technical Analysis For Different Financial Markets


Now that you know more about technical analysis charts, chart patterns, Japanese candlestick patterns, and technical indicators, let’s take a look at the application of technical analysis to different markets that you can trade with Admirals.


Forex Market Technical Analysis


Since the forex market is very liquid, it attracts all types of traders; from scalpers on one-minute charts to swing traders on daily time frames, and intraday traders on hourly charts. Due to the fact that there are so many different types of investors involved, technical analysis is widely used in the forex market.


Forex technical analysts can use all the different tools at their disposal, such as chart patterns, Japanese candlestick patterns, and technical indicators. For now, let’s take a look at one of the momentum indicators listed above.


The stochastic oscillator is a very popular forex technical indicator in technical analysis. As part of the momentum indicators, it can be used to identify potential market reversal points.


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Technical Analysis Of Stock Markets


Traditionally, stock traders and investors have always favored fundamental analysis to determine whether or not to buy shares of a company.


However, with the evolution of the financial markets and the arrival of a number of algorithmic traders using technical indicators and chart figures in their analyses, technical analysis is today more present than ever before.


It is common for stock market traders to also trade stock indices, such as the S&P 500, the DAX 30 or the CAC 40. The S&P 500 being one of the most well-known stock indices in the world, technical analysis can be very effective when market conditions are right.


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