Insight EMR vs Docutap-As with other business software solutions features and functionality should be taken into consideration. The tool should also be able to support your team’s specific processes, workflows, and numbers. Comparisons have been made between DocuTAP, Clinicient insight EMR, and billing-based systems to help you evaluate this.


EMR vs Docutap
EMR vs Docutap


Insight EMR vs Docutap – An Overview


Insight EMR is a cloud-based medical practice management system that streamlines the whole operation. It allows remote treatment, automatic billing and editable charting templates. There is a free trial and multiple packages available to suit different practices’ needs.


Docutap EMR, a rapidly growing healthcare technology company, offers practice management software and electronic medical record (EMR) for urgent-care facilities. DocuTAP’s most recent innovation, Insight, allows decision-makers to access clinic data. This empowers them to make better decisions, and reduce expenses at urgent care facilities. As critical care services increase in demand, real-time data is vital to provide a better patient experience.


Features Comparison Insight EMR Vs DocuTAP


INSIGHT EMR, a cloud-based EMR designed for medical professionals, is user-friendly and streamlines business processes. This EMR has integrated billing options and a therapist-customizable user interface. A free trial version is also available.


Clinicient’s Insight EMR features include a dashboard, which makes patient management easier and allows doctors to tailor the program. It also includes a module that tracks accounts receivables. This streamlines the revenue cycle, and optimizes receivable processes. The software also includes tools for custom reporting.


INSIGHT EMR was developed using tools that synchronize data between financial, clinical, and administrative operations of rehabilitation facilities. It is an integrated system that can handle all tasks such as arranging appointments, patient registration, logging information, documenting cases and filing insurance claims.

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The web-based application was created by software professionals. It serves as both an EMR (electronic medical record) and an EHR. It can also adjust to accommodate the needs of different specializations such as speech therapy and physical therapy.




Insight EHR prevents revenue loss from underbilling or denials by providing transparency and integrity in claims and reporting. The clinical solutions provide everything you need to engage patients, bill accurately, and document legally. Clinicient’s customized product promises to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your practice workflow.


DocuTAP EMR is a complete software system that offers electronic medical records and practice management. It also manages revenue cycle management. DocuTAP can be used in urgent care clinics as it is web-based and provides analytics and business intelligence capabilities. It can also be customized to meet each practice’s specific needs. Multiple staff members can simultaneously work on the same note thanks to its simple approach. The software also generates patient statements that detail unpaid balances. This aids healthcare professionals in monitoring and managing insurance coverage.


DocuTAP’s software includes online patient check-in, practice administration, scheduling, wait times, insurance verification and easy-to-read client receipts. The software also has pediatrics and urgent care capabilities, as well as the ability to schedule workers’ compensation appointments. Staff members will find it easy to fill out patient records thanks to the intuitive interface and user-friendly charting module.


Simple to Use software


DocuTAP’s user-friendly design makes it easy to use. It also offers many flexible options to help you save time. These capabilities allow you to accomplish tasks faster and spend less time on administrative tasks. It also offers quick and helpful customer service to help with legal issues. It also includes a community that offers videos on how to perform various activities.


Front-desk employees will find it easier to schedule appointments in the PM section of the program. The scheduling module is color-coded and makes it easy for them to use. Users can also confirm their insurance eligibility and get crucial information such as the copay payment details.


The patient portal allows patients to view their medical records, and pay bills online. The business claims a 98% customer retention rate and that DocuTAP EMR is used by approximately 40% of urgent care centers. The system also offers automated E/M Coding, which allows users to quickly and accurately chart cases.


Price check – Insight EMR Vs DocuTAP


DocuTAP provides exact pricing information upon request. They do not share it with the public, but it is significantly less than what you would pay for medical software. Insight EMR & Billing by Clinicient starts at $50 per month, which is significantly lower than other medical software. DocuTAP’s total ownership cost (TCO), is more than Insight EMR or Billing. DocuTAP offers its customers additional functionality than Insight EMR or Billing.


Insight EMR vs DocuTAP User Review


InsightEMR Reviews: This app has received positive user reviews. Clinicient EMR is easy to use. The software can be modified to meet the needs of the clinic. They offer prompt and professional support. It allows clinicians to easily set goals using objective data. It will allow billing to be internal and give clinicians a significant opportunity to profit from Insight Solution.


DocuTap users review: Users of DocuTap can create reports using drag-and-drop functionality. This is made possible by the analytics and business Intelligence modules. It also includes documentation support so users can focus on what type of service they need to offer their patients. Their customer service representatives are slow to respond. Users are therefore not immediately updated with their queries.


Final Thought


DocuTAP may be more expensive than Clinicient’s Insight EMR, but it has many of the same capabilities. Price variance is due to the cost of software licenses and adaptations. You must also consider the cost of support and maintenance. Insight’s analytics and billing services can help you make better staffing decisions and identify outlier patients. The software also offers dashboards and capabilities to aid clinicians in charting cases efficiently and effectively. Both of these programs are expensive.


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