IELTS score required for electrical engineering in USA- Over 140 universities across the US offer a 1-2 year full-time MS in Electrical Engineering programme. It is generally designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, such as electronics or power engineering. The majority of American colleges offer master’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer engineering.


Electrical engineering master’s degrees are available in the USA in two different formats: MS and MEng.

Top colleges in the USA for MS in electrical engineering are renowned for providing numerous job prospects and a broad range of career options to international students. Please tell us how.


Why Should I Study MS Electrical Engineering in the United States?


In the US, a graduate with an MS in Electrical Engineering makes 53% more money than someone with a bachelor’s degree.

In the United States in 2018, there were 330,300 electrical engineering jobs, a rise of 2% over the previous year.


37 of the top 100 colleges in the world that teach electrical and electronic engineering are located in the United States, according to Times Higher Education.


The average yearly pay for electrical engineers in the United States is 96,000 USD, while it is only 6,550 USD in India (more than 12 times higher).


For graduates in electrical and electronics engineering, the United States ranks second in compensation.


Qualifications for Electrical Engineering in the USA


You must be aware of the requirements for admission to the programme before submitting an application to the leading universities in the USA for an MS in Electrical Engineering. We have roughly categorized the following categories for eligibility.


Undergraduate Degree


Candidates with an undergraduate degree must have an undergraduate (3–4 year) percentage of 85–90% in order to be accepted to the college of their choice for master’s study.


Language Requirements in English


For admission to any USA Electrical Engineering, international students must take an English Proficiency Test. IELTS minimum of 7.0 and TOEFL 100 required for MS in Electrical Engineering in the USA.


GRE Scores


GRE scores are required for US Electrical Engineering MS applications. The majority of universities require GRE scores, and each has its own set of minimal passing values. Candidates must obtain a strong quantitative score on the SAT (305 or higher) in order to be admitted to Electrical Engineering schools. Without the GRE, certain universities in the USA provide admission to the MS in Electrical Engineering.


Top Electrical Engineering Schools in the USA


The best colleges in the USA for an MS in electrical engineering are listed below:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT offers a wide range of topic strengths and is currently ranked #1 in the QS World University Rankings. However, key EECS research areas at the moment include robotics, quantum information processing, bio-EECS, cybersecurity, nanotechnology, and energy generation, storage, and efficiency.


Stanford University


The first Electrical Engineering Professor at Stanford University, who specialized in power station engineering, was appointed in 1893, marking the beginning of the university’s electrical engineering history. The faculty of electrical engineering at Stanford currently divides its research into six categories:


  • Technology for integrated electronic systems


  • Photonics/EM/quantum


  • Software and hardware systems


  • Information technology


  • The study of bioelectricity


  • Energy/environment


California State University, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)


At UC Berkeley, the electrical engineering and computer science department has so far helped launch about 120 start-up companies with the help of current faculty and alumni. Physical electronics, micro/nano electromechanical systems, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and engineering, control, intelligent systems, and robotics are among the current research areas.


IELTS score required for electrical engineering in USA
IELTS score required for electrical engineering in USA


Technology University of California (Caltech)


The New York University way of thinking highlights the importance and key position of electrical engineering in the development of urban settings and the future. In light of this, the course curriculum at NYU places a strong emphasis on teaching the foundations of electrical engineering as well as theories and algorithms for creating autonomous intelligent machines and peripherals.


Pittsburgh-Mellon University


The Electrical Engineering programme at Carnegie Mellon University provides training in collaborative Electrical Engineering research. The course material’s goal is to prepare students to advance robotic systems technology as future leaders and innovators.


Conclusion-IELTS score required for electrical engineering in USA

Students have a variety of alternatives after obtaining the MS in Electrical Engineering at US universities. The yearly wage is between 48,600 USD (38,43,166.50 INR) and (1,07,54,540 INR). After receiving their MS in Electrical Engineering, students can get employment in the USA and make up to 111,000 USD (87,77,602.50 INR) each year.


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