How to rank your business on Google -Nowadays, being present on the Internet is essential for a company. A site must be well positioned in Google results to have optimum visibility. There are different ways to improve a company’s web presence. An essential step, because most of the customers who go to a trade or a physical company, seek upstream information online. Discover in 3 steps how to reference your company on Google to have an effective presence on the Web.

business on Google
business on Google

Rank your Business on Google

1 – Use the strategy of natural referencing, SEO

Editorial content to be well referenced on Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of working on the natural referencing of a website. Many criteria must be taken into account, including the editorial content which is essential. It must provide the Internet user with precise and quality information, in connection with the company’s activity.

Google ‘s algorithms very regularly scan this published content every day. Among other things, they examine the subject of these pages, their quality and their relevance.

The writing must therefore be qualitative to be selected as such by Google. And placed in the top search results.

Create a site that meets the expectations of the Internet user

It is important that the Internet user can easily navigate on the site of a company. Headings, information, contact pages, among many others, so many sections that the visitor must find with a single click.

It is therefore necessary to build a pleasant, well-organized, hierarchical site where each piece of information is easy to find.  It must also correspond to the image of the company.

Google ranks sites with quality images

A website is also a showcase, a virtual place that reflects the identity of the company. In a world made of images, those placed on a site are important. They should be chosen carefully and relevant to the subject of the article.

The images can be compared to the front of a neighborhood store, a window that is pleasant to admire and that makes you want to enter the business. The website must meet the same requirements. This kind of ghost writing doesn’t give the PR experts any credit even if they are definitely a part of the office team.

2 – Use paid referencing, SEA

A solution for the targeted referencing of a company

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a targeted and paid solution. A method that is one of the most effective ways to position a company well. A strategy based on well -chosen keywords that will increase traffic. The technique consists of placing an advertisement in the paid part of the search engines. On Google, Google Ads is available. A tool that offers to pay for an advertising campaign by indicating the different queries on which the company wishes to appear instantly or almost.

The advantages of paid referencing

This method places the company among the first positions, so it is an effective and fast technique that can be used in addition to natural referencing. The SEA makes it possible to reach a well-defined target and can be chosen over determined periods. In addition, it is possible to control, modify and adjust the advertisement and the budget in real time. The problem is that this tool will work as long as the company pays. The effect is effective and rapid in terms of visibility, but ephemeral and expensive.

Target a specific audience

It is also possible to manage a sponsored links campaign. The latter will appear in the form of advertisements in the search engines as soon as they respond to the requests of Internet users. Links that, when the visitor clicks on them, directs him to the company’s site. This action allows the company to obtain quality traffic.  The Internet user is potentially interested in the site whose ad he sees, since it corresponds to his search.

3 – Utilizer Google My Business

Google My Business, un service gratuity

Google My Business is a free search engine, which allows a company to have better visibility on the Web. This tool proposes to complete a company file where the Internet user will find all sorts of useful information. It may include customer reviews, the address of the company’s website, photos, among many others. A company profile that can be updated to regularly inform its customers. This service is accessible on all kinds of media, computer, tablet and smartphone.

The local pack for personalized positioning

Today, geolocation is an integral part of a company’s digital strategy. Google, with the local pack, offers the Internet user personalized search results. It comes in the form of three elements that show the address, opening hours and a location of the company on Google Maps. Results that are positioned above the classic results, on the first page. The perfect solution to stand out from the competition. The Google My Business listing must therefore be optimized by noting as much information as possible that will allow the Internet user to find the activity, he is looking for quickly, close to him.

SEO web editors, expertise for your business

Google ‘s algorithms evaluate thousands of web pages. The challenge is to meet his selection criteria to appear among those he considers to be the best. Mastering the requirements and criteria of the Internet giant requires time and skills, which SEO web editors have. They know how to write optimized content by responding to all the data that Google examines to place sites in the first position. Experts who establish an editorial strategy for content that boosts the SEO of websites.

Calling on an SEO professional saves precious time. Specialists whose SEO natural referencing skills guarantee content that brings value to the site for increased visibility of the company. A good positioning in Google is synonymous with increasing traffic and therefore more and more customers!

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