Draw half face in just 6 easy steps! Drawing any part of the human body can be quite an artistic challenge. We see other humans and our appearance every day, but it cannot be easy to portray the finer details and elements that make up the average appearance. This is especially true for faces, and it means that mastering the art of learning how to draw a half face can be quite a frustrating task. pencil drawing


Fortunately, if you want to know how to complete this challenge more easily, you are definitely in the right tutorial! This step-by-step guide on drawing a half-face in just 6 easy steps will show you how fun and easy it can be when you know what to do.


Half Face
Half Face


How to draw a half face – allow contact to form


Step 1


When drawing a face, it’s best to start with the outlines and add finer details. This is the approach we will take in this guide on how to draw a half-face. First, we’ll use many curved lines with a few sharp points on top for the man’s hairstyle. This section of the hairstyle will taper down to the ear. With the ear drawn, you can use more angular curved lines to make her jawline extend below. Finally, add another slightly curved vertical line coming down from the jawline towards the neck, then we can continue with step 2 of the guide

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Step 2: Now draw the collar of his shirt.


We’ll keep things simple in this step of drawing your half-face! For this part, we will mainly focus on the collar of your shirt. Use a curved horizontal line for the upper part of the neck, and then draw the pointed lower part using more curved lines. Next, use a straight line for the top of her shoulder, as shown in the reference image. That’s it, and then we can move on to part three to add more detail.


Step 3: Draw some facial details.


The outline of this drawing is done, and we can focus on adding some internal details for the next steps. To do this, in this third step of our guide on how to draw a half-face, we will add some details on the face. First, you can draw an eyebrow using curved lines with sharp points at each end. Next, remove the eye and add a few lines around it for more definition.


You can finish this step by drawing half of the nose and mouth and adding some simple details around it. These particular details can be tricky, so do your best to copy the lines exactly as they appear in the reference image before proceeding.


Step 4: Next, draw some details defining the face


Before we get into the final details of this half-face design, we will first add some defining information to the face. You can do this by drawing lots of small, curvy lines around the different lines of the face, which will help add texture and depth. Then we can move on to the last details we mentioned


Step 5: Add Final Details to Your Half-Face Drawing


You’ve finished all the outlines for this image, and in this step of our guide on drawing a half-face, we’ll focus on finishing the final details. You can add line detail to things like her hair, eyebrows, and facial features. These lines may look simple, but they help add texture and depth to these different elements. When you’ve completed those final touches, be sure to add your additional details as well! There are many things you can do to achieve this design.


To start, you can draw a background to show what kind of setting this man is in. For a fun touch, you can pull the location on the opposite side of the image from the middle of the face. You can even try drawing the other half of the face or a new face by following these steps! How are you going to finish this picture?


Step 6: Finish your half-face drawing with color


You are now ready to finish this half-face drawing with some color! When adding color to a design, there should be no limits to your creativity. This means that even though you can choose colors similar to the ones 


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