how to cure depression- Depression is mental health issue which can happen to anyone. Age doesn’t matter in this condition. It has been observed that more than 60% people all over the world have been suffered with depression. Today in this article we are going to discuss that how we can cure this mental condition with natural activities. Anxiety, stress, anger, unease all these are the signs of depression condition.

This mental condition is not a new thing which we have heard. Many people around us must be suffering from this state of mind. There can be many cause of having depression like physical health issues, career issues, finance issues or relationship issues. A study conducted in U.S and it was found that despite being the most powerful country all over the world people in U.S are more depressed as comparison to other countries people.


Best natural way to reduce the level of depression-How to cure depression


1) Sleep hours- 7 hours sleep is the natural medicine to remove all mental issues. We never think toward this direction. If you don’t give a proper relaxation to your mind then it’s hard to maintain a mental peace. Most of the people don’t get enough sleep and thus they feel tired or energy less. In India, there are many natural treatment centers which cure the problem of depression. Even doctors have also confirmed that at night you should not get involved into any other activities and take a proper rest to your mind.


2) Food – Yes food, eating unhealthy food is one of the biggest causes of depression. If you have ever experienced a day when you had a stomach related problem, you must have experienced that you mind is also at ease. You suffer a lot. Eating healthy food helps your digestion to digest it properly and translate all the important nutrition to all the parts of your body. IF you are struggling physically then mental health will also be effected.


3) Workout- We never take care of your physical health than we do for other things in life. It has clearly seen that the people who give time for physical workout are more mentally exhausted as comparison to those who do physical workout every day. Working on your body for around 1 hour a day will keep you physically or mentally strong. Mental health or physical health are inter-related to each other. If one struggles with something, other will be at unease automatically.

4) Reading- Yes, it has been found that reading a book helps you way better than watching any videos on your phone. Reading a book which you like the most will change your personality after sometime. All the people who have been successful in their life can be seen clearly that in their interviews they have mentioned their habit of reading. Reading books help you to reduce the level of depression, because you go into the deep inquiry of something which will help you like anything. It has been found the people who have a habit of reading have high patience level.

5) Meditation- Mediation is one of the old practice to calm our mind. Many meditation are
established all over the world to teach people how to meditate. Meditation is a process which
can cure your depression problem form its root. People who are into this activity of meditation
are much stronger mentally. They know how to balance their mind-set. You can also start doing meditation at your home also. Try to close the door of room of that external noises will not be able to disturb your meditation practice.


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