What Is Home Physiotherapy?


Whether they are physiotherapists or physiotherapy technologists Revital Medical physiotherapy professionals can offer treatments and follow-ups by coming to your home.


The Elderly And Home Physiotherapy


In the case of the elderly, physiotherapy can help treat and prevent many problems. The main objectives are to enable these patients to remain active, to limit their pain and to remain as independent as possible in order to delay accommodation in a residence for the elderly (or hospitalization). These goals are the same whether the treatment is offered in a clinic or at home.


What Are The Benefits Of Home Physiotherapy In The Elderly?


Accessible care

In general, home physiotherapy greatly facilitates access to care for:

  • People who have severe pain or physical limitations that prevent them from moving normally (getting into a car, getting out of a car, standing on public transport, etc.).
  • People who have difficulty driving.
  • People who do not necessarily have access to a vehicle or whose family cannot free themselves easily.


Less stress


In the context of home care, not having to travel to the clinic takes a lot of stress off patients. They no longer need to organize their trip (book a taxi, ask their family to come, manage their time, etc.) and no longer worry about being late or missing their appointment.


Mrs. Paquin  regularly hears her elderly patients tell her that they tend to limit their treatment because of the stress of traveling to the clinic and the organization that entails. They prefer to endure the pain and wait.


A Privileged Relationship With The Professional


One of the main advantages of the home visit is that the physiotherapy professional can focus solely on their patient. Although he is very attentive in a private clinic, it can happen that the professional has several patients at the same time. This does not happen in-home care, because the latter is alone with his patient.


These treatment conditions avoid stress for the patient, but also for the professional. Ms.  Paquin notices that people take more time to explain their problem. They are also less shy about asking questions and talking about certain issues that might have made them uncomfortable in another context.


Our physiotherapy technologist mentions that his patients are always very happy to see their professional and that a relationship of trust is quickly established.


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More effective sessions


During a home session, the patient’s conditions are different from a clinic session. He didn’t have the pressure and fatigue of preparation (dressing, makeup, shoes, etc.), travel, time management, etc. The person has therefore not lost energy and his body is completely rested. The physiotherapy professional can then perform a more effective treatment. These conditions also allow the patient to be more relaxed and focused, as they will not be distracted by anything else. The effect of the treatment will also last longer.


Finally, the professional does not need to think about the return home of his patient, because he knows that the latter will remain quiet at home at the end of the session. He can therefore work all the parts of his patient’s body without worrying about the movements he will have to make to return home.




Care And Advice Adapted To The Patient’s Environment


One of the particularities of home physiotherapy is that the professional can observe his patient in his environment. In this way, he obtains a more global vision of the patient and better understands his environment as well as his daily life. The professional is then able to identify the risk factors surrounding the person as well as certain bad habits associated with the layout of their home.


He can thus give him many tips to improve his situation and prevent everyday accidents (falls). It is therefore a very effective personalized prevention system.


Also, the presence of the physiotherapy profession in the patient’s home also allows the patient to ask questions about his environment. He can then tell the professional about his difficulties getting out of his chair, getting out of his bathtub, and getting into a good sleeping position. The professional can then ask him to redo certain daily gestures in order to improve his posture and find appropriate solutions.


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