Guided Meditation is a practice that calms the mind to reduce stress and increase serenity. It has been shown to improve concentration and awareness, and experts even say that meditation helps slow down the aging process of the brain, reducing the risk of dementia and other mental problems.


Who can meditate?


Guided Meditation is available to everyone wherever you are. You don’t need any tools, although some people prefer props to help get them out of their daily lives. All you need is to allow time and patience for your practice and you will spend the benefits of meditation.



Which technique for Guided Meditation?


There are various techniques for Guided Meditation, ranging from visualization, walking meditation, body scanning, and breathing techniques. It’s worth trying different types to see what works best for you, but as you practice more you are advised to start with the basics and build from there. Doing nothing is actually harder than you think.


Where do I start?


Allow yourself to sit peacefully for two minutes every day, first ideally in the morning thing it allows you to set yourself up for the day. Taking time out to concentrate on your breathing and the present moment means you are starting each day positively. Enjoy your practice and when you have meditated for a week, you can try to extend the time by two more minutes. Gradually increase your time to protect yourself from feeling overwhelmed.


Don’t worry


Often people fight over how to meditate. They are wondering if they are doing it right, how they should sit and what they should actually do. Honestly, you just have to sit in a position where you feel comfortable and don’t fall into the temptation to feed. Keep your body steady and let your mind stay focused by focusing on how your mind is feeling and what you are doing. Can you see, feel and hear? Bring your mind back slowly if it starts to spin. Don’t try to think about how you’re doing it. Do it.




Using your breath as your focus is a great way for newcomers to stay present. You can count or watch your breathing gently to keep your thoughts from flowing. When you realize that your thoughts have flowed, just bring them back by focusing on the breath.


Body scan


Scanning your body with your mind is another great way to stay present. This is a great way to get rid of tension and discover where and when you have different stimuli. By scanning the body and encouraging yourself to relax, you can help prevent the growing tension in stressful situations in life. Focus on your legs and slowly scan your body and pay attention to every muscle and every connection. Allow yourself to relax.


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Guided vs Unguided Meditation


Directed versus Unguided Reflection
Picking among directed and unguided Meditation is totally founded on private inclination. Certain individuals will favor direction for quite a while others probably won’t need direction by any means. We can consider directed Meditation having an accomplished teacher close by you while figuring out how to drive: They aren’t only there to give direction — they additionally give consolation and backing.


Most Headspace clients say they feel more OK with directed contemplation while first learning the training. As your certainty and abilities progress, you might well shed the directed examples and go solo. Or then again you might switch back and forth among directed and non-directed Meditation. At last, it’s emotional. While certain individuals like crashing off into the distance alone, others basically lean toward venturing to every part of the excursion with somebody going with them.

The Benefits OF Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation is a proven benefit Extraordinary and seemingly endless. Meditation can be started by anyone at any age and can help everyone. You can improve yourself in many areas of your life by being aware of what is going on inside your mind.


From health benefits such as improved mental state and reducing the risk of dementia to improved relationships due to deep understanding and the establishment of a calm mind and improved success due to strong willpower and concentration. There’s really no reason not to start.

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