Grofers delivery app is one of the best grocery delivery apps in India and was founded in 2013 by two IIT students who decided to do something different from their normal engineering field jobs so they started their online business with grofers app, it allows the customers to buy groceries like dairy product, vegetables, flower, baby care products, cosmetic items, and many more products. 

Customers can get their desired items in just 90 minutes after ordering online from their homes without losing their comfort. People love it because it is easy to use, gives rewards, cashback, and is a time-saving process.


Online food delivery apps starting revenue was approximately $6 billion but if we look at last year’s revenue that was approximately $22 billion and this year it will be around $21.7 billion or more than it.

Now we can understand the value or requirement of online grocery delivery apps after reading the dashboard report the no. of mobile applications downloaded the grocery delivery apps is approximately $5.1 billion. So who would be the fool businessmen who do not use this grocery delivery app for their business to lead or sustain in the market and this was a trending topic on m.ubersear.ch.

The On-demand Food Delivery app is rapidly increasing day by day and most people use them to purchase daily use stuff using their smartphones. This is an important cause behind the requirement of grocery apps for the online grocery business.

Grocery delivery apps, such as Grofers, are honoured today by almost everyone. When we did not have to leave the house because of state lockdowns, it was too difficult to access facilities such as groceries, food shopping, etc. 

To satisfy these necessary criteria, on-demand food delivery apps are a blessing and are rising exponentially in favour of the market. The apps offer meals and fitness reserved to people’s doorstep. 

And people trust these grocery delivery apps to order food and get fast delivery.

Initially, they were facing two big problems, first building trust in their grocery delivery app and how it is safe and secure for their health and wealth.

Consequently, the revenue of food delivery apps is rapidly increasing every day.

And now is the right time to launch your food procurement service as Grofers bring it into the company if you are trying to enter this marketplace.

JPLoft solutions is one of the best companies that can provide world-class solutions for your business and help you to lead this competitive world.


There are three types of grocery delivery apps that can help customers to purchase products according to their convenience. Here we discuss the three points

  1. E-commerce grocery delivery app

It is perfect for those who don’t have their own store and like to do it according to their comfort, but they need customers who purchase their products by using the grocery delivery app, this type of business comes in the e-commerce grocery delivery app.

  1. In-store grocery app

In-store grocery delivery app customers can see all types of food items and the specialty of their products and also see the visual images in this type of grocery delivery app.

  1. Personalized grocery delivery app

The shopping experience with this app makes you feel on top of the world. This app also helps to purchase appropriate items by sharing the list of available items in the store, and very easy to use end users can also purchase items by using such an app.


Grofers’ working process is complete in three steps here we discuss them one by one.

  1. User Panel
  2. Admin panel
  3. Grocery store delivery panel


The user panel is a very important part of any app. It handles the main parts of this app like order details, reviews, requests, customer concerns, app debugger, and many more things we can handle by user panel.

  1. User profile

Here you can create your account and make your profile, and save basic details like address, mobile no, and order history by login user panel with the help of your user id or password or via social media. 

  1. Browser product

You can pick the both category food and nutritional group by explaining complete details.

  1. Scheduling delivery 

The user panel allows the customers to select their date, time, and place according to their availability and their comfort.

  1. Order tracking status

 In this section users can check their product’s real-time location and track it easily with this you can assist and monitor the delivery boy as your availability.

  1. Multiple payment options

In this section, apps provide multiple payment options to their users so they can not suffer during online payment. This process is very simple to use for end-users with multiple options like debit card, credit card, UPI or net banking.

  1. Offers and discounts

In this section, you can take the benefits of offers that are going on your product so you just need to check offers and cashback on your product and order according to the offers’ circumstances or conditions.

  1. Review or setting.

In this option, customers can review their shopping experiences with new buyers. It will help them to make the right decision after looking at your reviews. Also, in this section, you can suggest your personal opinion.

Admin panel:

This panel is for admins who can create new pages or groups for you and add new features to your app and try to give a world-class experience after using this app.

  1. Dashboard 

It is for admins here they receive the product details and manage them on the dashboard and send their details to the relevant department.

  1. Manage payment

Manage all payment types in a straightforward fashion utilizing the management panel and help grow the food sector.

  1. Assign orders

Create details for all orders and manage schedules for them after discussion with their management team in an efficient manner. 

  1. Manage customers

The administrative team manages the quality of their product after communicating and reading the reviews of consumers

  1. Manage store

In this panel, they continuously check the product availability in store according to their customer requirements list. If something is not available then they arrange & manage the store.

  1. Offers excellent services

It is the responsibility of panel administration that manage and maintain all the functionality of the app and give customers an excellent experience with this app.

Grocery store delivery panel:

The food procurement staff looks after both assigned units and order volumes. This makes it easier for the customer to pick up their purchased things or have them shipped to the address they choose. 

Users receive notification of the distribution request, the order number, and delivery details. This table assists in managing all cancellations and accommodating delivery drivers’ requests when the delivery location is far from the recipient’s destination.

It is beneficial for drivers to speak and call right away in the event that there are problems completing the request.

This panel helps to keep eye on the dedicated distribution status and transmits the updates to the client. A broad variety of products can be found in our online grocery buying store. This ensures the full precision of the on-time production acceptance.

Grofers is one of the best online grocery delivery app stores, almost near Bigbasket. They help users to order food at their convenience.

Features of grocery app:

If you want to build your own grocery delivery mobile app then make sure you have some basic features in it. Let’s talk about them one by one the features that must have in your app.

  1. Easy registration 

The registration process should be easy as as we can make it, so users can log in with their social media accounts as well as email accounts it is the best way to advertise your product on their social media pages that will help you to enhance your business so you should allow them to log in by using their social media account.

  1. Product Listing

This is an important feature of every grocery delivery app. We should add a list of different products full of descriptions so that users can purchase them easily. 

  1. Quick shopping list

After searching if the customer does not want to purchase any item at the moment then he or she can add their desired item to the quick list and purchase it later. This option helps to save their favourite item when they want to be able to buy it.

  1. Search

This option should be powerful and easy to use for everyone. The grocery delivery app should provide a filter to find the desired items easily among the various products using this filter. A searching option should be simple to search for any item with the help of a grocery delivery app 

  1. Tracking.

It is a very essential feature in the grocery delivery app. It allows the customer to track their product in real-time location and check the order history so it is an amazing feature and every grocery delivery app should have to maintain the trust of users.

  1. Delivery scheduled 

It is again an important feature in that customers can select their desired date & time to deliver their product according to their convenience. The grocery delivery app also gives two types of options for the scheduled date and time one is standard delivery and the second is a guaranteed delivery option but for this, they take extra money.

  1. Push notifications

It helps to know about the latest update and features provided by the grocery delivery app to get the latest update push notification here. 

  1. Real images

For an authentic experience, you should provide real 3-d images of every product so the customer can take a real feel of their product and how it will look, which will increase the 

the trust of your buyers

  1. Multiple payment options.

Multiple payment options give a real and easy shopping experience to their customer, your grocery app should have multiple options like cash on delivery, net banking, debit card, credit card, or many more options according to their convenience.

  1. Reward points 

Give rewards to your customers to engage in your grocery delivery app and you can also send them to push notifications for any quiz competition this will help you to increase your business as well as your revenue. 

Cost of App development-Grocery Delivery App

It is a very tough question and answers to this question are again difficult task because the cost of any application depends on multiple factors like which type of features you want in your app, if you want to build an app with a basic feature then the cost will be minimum but if you want to build an app with advanced features then its cost will be very high. Here will give a basic idea of the general cost of any app development and what factors the cost depends on.

Grocery delivery app development stageDevelopment hours
Admin panel development  20
Testing & Quality Check30
iOS development200-300
Backend development100+
Android development300-350+
UI/UX design   80-100+
App Discovery30-40
Visual prototyping20+
Idea validation20+

As you can see the list of tables in which we mention the grocery delivery app stage and how much time they can take to build an app, approximately 824-1024 hours. If we multiply the total hours by the development rate then you get an idea of how much the cost of developing an app is. It may vary according to locations and features. 

So, we can say that the on-demandgrocery delivery app development Company cost in India is $5000 to $10000. Similarly, it can cost around $10000-$20000 in Europe or the USA.

Please don’t think this is the final cost of app development, this is just a basic idea cost that depends on many factors like location, features, and many other factors.


In this article, we try to answer all types of questions. Generally, people want to know their answers. We answered all questions on the behalf of our 10+years of experience in the same field and we have an expert team so first, we researched deeply then we answered such questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Grofers Like Grocery Delivery Apps Development(FAQ).

Q1. How I can start a grocery app like grofers?

Ans. If you have an excellent idea and want to develop a grocery app like grofers then no. of the experienced companies available in the market who can build an app according to your requirement but before you start work on your project you have to research the market properly and also keep in your mind one thing that who is your target audience and how the app like grofers help to enhance your business.

Q2. Are there any apps available in the market like grofers?

Ans. Yes in the market many other apps available that work the same as grofers do, some of them are mentioned here, InstaCart, Postmates, Weezy, FreshDirect, Talabat, and El Grocer among others.

Q3. How much does it cost to build an app like grofers grocery delivery app?

Ans. See cost depends on multiple factors like their locations, features, and target audience. But in the above blog, we mentioned the basic idea or estimated cost of an app like grofers so please read this blog it will help you to make the right decision.

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