Falcon Silver Electronic Medical Records software offers a number of features that can benefit dialysis and nephrology practices. It allows users to easily schedule and dispute dialysis orders, manage lab data, and create e-prescriptions. The program also integrates with DaVita Dialysis Centers to give users the latest lab results and alerts them when their fluid levels are out of range. This helps reduce hospitalizations caused by fluid-related problems.


Before you can start using Falcon Silver EHR, however, you must agree to its Terms of Service. This is a legally binding agreement between Falcon, LLC and its users. It is important that you read and understand this document. The TOS contains important information about Falcon Silver’s use and security.


Best For Nephrology


The Falcon Silver EHR software is a Cloud-based EHR system that is ideal for nephrology practices. This EMR software offers comprehensive patient data management, including lab data, allergies, and complications. It also allows physicians to access patient information anywhere, using their mobile devices. It also provides comprehensive analysis tools, enabling providers to make timely decisions and achieve Meaningful Use certification.


The CPT 2020 codes may help physicians calculate reimbursement for a procedure. In addition, the CPT Editorial Panel approved the development of two new codes that will help physicians identify hypertension. The new codes also encourage patients to participate in hypertension screenings. This EHR is compatible with the Meaningful Use initiative, which requires physicians to use a certified EHR system for 90 days in the first payment year to receive the maximum incentive. Physicians can start logging Meaningful Use data with Falcon EHR soon.


CoCentrix EMR Software Guide


When choosing an EMR, it’s important to find a comprehensive solution that covers all areas of your business, is customizable, and provides customer support. You want a vendor who can answer questions and keep you informed about future upgrades. CoCentrix EMR software is a great example of such a software. It can help you track patient appointments, lab results, and more. It also supports a mobile application suite called CareTiles, which allows you to access patient information with a mobile device.




For medical practices that have multiple locations and require a flexible EMR, Cocentrix EHR software may be a good option. It is affordable, HIPAA-compliant, and designed to help doctors share patient information across their practice. It also includes a patient portal and customizable dashboards. The Cocentrix Coordinated Care Platform combines an EHR with a practice management system. Its features allow doctors to integrate clinical patient information from multiple providers, manage patient funds, and track practice metrics.


The CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform also offers a mobile application suite. This makes it easier to access critical patient information from any internet-connected device. This makes the system more user-friendly and enhances workflow while preserving sensitive patient information. It also saves money by eliminating the need for additional hardware.




UroChart is a specialty EHR that is designed specifically for urology practices. It is a comprehensive solution that automates daily tasks for urologists and streamlines workflow to improve patient care and practice efficiency. It features integrated operations and an intuitive user interface.


Both UroChart and CoCentrix EMR software come with many features and functions. CoCentrix is a better choice for those looking for a complete EMR system that includes real-time voice recognition, point-of-care order entry, and e-prescribing. Both CoCentrix and UroChart are web-based and offer a free demo.


The UroChart EMR software allows doctors to connect with patients at any time. It allows for flexible note layouts, access to virtual consultations, and easy chart organization. It also allows for digital transmission of health-related data to multiple registries.







The TenEleven Cocentrix electronic medical record (EMR) is an ONC-ATCB certified EHR that is perfect for mental health practices. Its features include e-prescribing, billing management, and reporting functionality. It comes in both on-premise and cloud-based deployment options. It is also equipped with e-labs, automated alerts, and performance dashboards.


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