Charminar Satta king
Charminar Satta king

Satta is a well-known eating place placed in Utonagan, Vadodara. They serve mouth-watering tasty burgers and mouth-watering carvery for the visitors who visit in the course of weekends.


Charminar Satta king offers affordable food and offerings


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Charminar Satta King is a well-known eating place in India, positioned in Hyderabad metropolis. It serves scrumptious food and drinks at cheaper prices. Their kinds of Chicken, mutton and fish dishes are mouthwatering. The eating place’s atmosphere will take you again to the olden days amidst the hustle-bustle of existence in a metropolis like Hyderabad.


Satta is a emblem of snack meals manufactured via Charminar Foods Limited. CATS KING is a chocolate bar with a easy soften for your mouth texture.


Satta is one of the well-known and famous Charminar satta in Hyderabad. It is the satisfactory area to visit with a massive parking location, outdoor show and plenty more.


Charminar Satta King is India’s most critical and well-known satta pastime

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Satta is placed in the coronary heart of juhapura and has a large fashion of ingredients along with
shawarmas, biryani, momos, kebabs and exclusive delicious dishes. The meals tastes even better whilst
the sun devices on this region in which anyone experience their meals together


Charminar satta king is dedicated to the human beings and it’s miles a commercial organization
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Satta is a completely well-known restaurant in charminar. It has been spherical for decades, and has grown to be popular with locals.

The Charminar Satta king is a ultra-modern vicinity to hangout and meet friends. Satta , who created the metropolis of Hyderabad and its surrounding areas, is the patron saint of the dominion of Telangana.

He is perception to be a Hindu from great India and changed into named after a shape of bamboo plant. His reign over his empire where he introduced new thoughts along with Charminar in AD 969 and appointed Malik Kafur as his Diwanfaas or Prime Minister.

Satta is a delicious snack that is made of natural ghee and jaggery. It is offered as a candy supplying to the Lord of Charminar on each auspicious day in the month of Shaivitrayam and Thiruvonam. This gift is likewise given to devotees in the direction in their visit to Charminar to pay homage to Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple.

A&A Charminar Satta King is a circle of relatives business organization that has been making and dispensing satta within the metropolis of Hyderabad starting at an early age.


We have grown daily because of the truth that our inception in Hyderabad and now we are
concentrated on worldwide diploma marketplace with extra than 10 years revel in in coping with distribution channels in addition to marketplace studies to develop new commercial employer mind.


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