Dubai is at the center of sightseeing and shopping. However, there are too many options to choose the perfect one. You will always feel that you are missing out on something while rejecting one option and prioritizing the other. The best option to not feel this way and enjoy your experience to the fullest is to compare similar options and pick a better version.


One particular choice you might face is picking one out of a boat tour and canal cruise. As evident through the names, one is a boat ride, and the other is a cruising experience through the canal. The similarity is that you can enjoy and appreciate the sights while enjoying the fresh breeze. Apart from that, there are too many differences which you must know before finalizing your choice.


Keep scrolling down this article to explore and learn what you should prefer out of canal cruise Dubai and boat tours.


Top 6 Points Differentiating Canal Cruise Dubai and Boat Tour

People who visit Dubai are most excited to see its skyline. The boat tour and canal cruise are the perfect options for that. However, the experience the two activities offer is quite different from each other. You should be well aware of what the activity holds to prefer it over the other and not regret your choice later.


Here are the major points which differentiate canal cruise Dubai and boat tours and can help you identify your preference.


1. Time Duration


Time duration is the first point that distinguishes canal cruises from the boat tour. The boat tour is a limited activity of an hour, while the canal cruise offers a longer experience. Mostly canal cruise offers an extensive and detailed tour activity of more than two hours. So, people who have more time on their hands prefer canal cruises, while others prioritize boat tours. It helps them not miss out on anything. They also buy tickets online and plan their trip in advance to save more time.


2. Luxury Experience


The luxury experience is the second point that distinguishes canal cruise and boat tour experiences. The boat tour is an average experience designed for everyone. The boats are simply made of wood and lack any extravagance. On the contrary, a canal cruise is designed to offer luxury and an unforgettable experience. The décor and floor management are exceptional, with numerous facilities on board. You do not just have to sit on wooden seats and watch around like a boat, but you can expect the setting of a luxury restaurant.


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3. Time Setting


Time setting is an important point you can consider while choosing one option out of a boat tour and canal cruise. Boat tours are usually arranged during the day, so people can watch and appreciate the combination of natural and man-made beauty. On the other hand, a canal cruise is usually an evening or night activity, which helps visitors appreciate the nightlife from the board. It lets them relax while sightseeing and enjoy a delicious meal too.


4. Areas Covered


Areas covered are another important point you can explore to distinguish between boat tours and canal cruises. The boat tour covers Dubai festival city mall, the skyline of Dubai, the business bay area, Burj Khalifa, the design district, and Ras Al Khor sanctuary. On the other hand, the canal cruise offers a tour of Al Habtoor City and the central business district. It only covers the areas with specific activities or attractions. So, if you want to cover more areas, the boat tour is a better option for you.


5. Dining Options


Dining options are one of the most crucial options you should explore when choosing between a boat tour and a canal cruise. Boat tours usually do not offer onboard dining experiences. They can take you to the popular dining areas set up along the banks, but it is not included in the package. On the other hand, the dining experience is the major highlight of the canal cruise experience and is incomplete without it. You can explore buffets and other options according to your taste and preference and enjoy them to the fullest.


6. Package Price


Package price is the last point that distinguishes canal cruises and boat tours. The Dubai marina boat ride price is designed for all; therefore, it offers economy packages under 100 AED. On the other hand, a canal cruise is a luxury experience, and its prices are set accordingly. Most packages start above 300 AED and range up to 1000 AED. You can check our affordability to Dubai water canal cruise tickets. You can buy tickets online to explore deals and discount offers and enjoy an economical experience.



Canal Cruise Dubai
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Have you finalized your pick?


The boat tour is a perfect choice if you want a simpler and more serene tour. However, you should opt for a canal cruise if you are looking for an extravagant experience. Whatever your pick, do not forget to book your tickets online, so you are not disappointed after not getting any seats on sight.


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