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Owning a ways to light up neon bar can be a thrilling business endeavor, but with so much competition, how can you ensure that your institution stands out? They are an engaging, dynamic, and cool design element for your company. Neon bar signs have been used for decades and have seen a revival in recent years for obvious reasons.

If you’re searching for a solution to make your bar stand out in the middle of a crowded city center, this could be a game changer. We’ll teach you how to reproduce that real retro pool hall ambiance in this article. Continue reading to learn how to build the home bar you’ve always wanted.

1. Why Is There a Pool Hall?

There are numerous ways to decorate your home bar. Looking through home publications and Pinterest, you can discover inspiration for everything from casual sports bars to high-class wet bars with marble counters and everything. So, what’s the point of a pool hall? The quick answer is that pool halls are quite cool.

When was the last time you saw an action film in which the main character confronts the enemy in a Tiki bar? No, the fights always take place in a dark pool hall with a sketchy bartender. More seriously, a pool hall atmosphere provides your home neon bar with a great laid-back air reminiscent of a bygone period.

2. Design Ideas for Creating a Pool Hall Ambience

Giving your home bar a pool hall vibe is no easy undertaking, but we are confident you can do it with a little work, elbow grease, and a DIY spirit. Let’s go over some design ideas to help you get it done: More seriously, a pool hall atmosphere provides your home bar with a great laid-back air typical of a bygone period. It can change an ordinary home bar into a stylish space right out of the 1960s.

3. Table Tennis

The pool table is the focal point of the pool hall, therefore choosing the appropriate one is critical. There are many different types of pool tables available, with numerous options ranging from size to material. If you are new to pool, you can use this guide to find the ideal pool table.

Are you put off by the high cost of neon bar pool tables? We were, too, at first. But don’t panic, numerous internet and thrift stores sell high-quality used pool tables. If someone questions, simply say you’re going for a genuine vintage look!

4. Lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important factor in establishing the mood. Pool rooms are frequently lit up to focus solely on the billiards table with the rest of the room being in the shadows. To achieve this look, utilize unique dimmable lights suspended from the ceiling to create zones of light and shadow. Dimmable lighting is essential because you want your pool hall to be dark enough to maintain the aura while also being bright enough to play pool.

5. Accents in Neon

These, too, are technically part of the lights. When it comes to creating a feel, neon accents can make or break it. Apart from the overhead lighting, the neon accents will be the only other light source. These decorations can be made with neon glass tubing. The neon details will serve as the only other source of illumination besides the main lights.

Glass neon tubing can be used to create these ornaments. To create a cool glow, these lights can be attached to door frames, railings, walls, bar cabinets, and even the underside of a pool table. Even better if you can buy different coloured lights. You can change the lighting to suit your mood.

6. Neon Bar signs

A fantastic neon sign might be the final that brings the entire place together. You can use basic neon bar signs custom or design the neon bar sign to be anything you desire. It may be the symbol of your favorite rock band, sports team, or even the name of your new bar (you’re naming it, aren’t you?).

When you get your neon sign, make sure it’s placed somewhere prominent. Locations like behind the bartender or on a plain wall facing the table are ideal. The additional recreational pleasures that a pool table can provide are a bonus. It can transform a simple home neon bar into something more.

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