Benefits of physical activity – Improving your health through physical activity


  • Physical activity helps, among other things


  • prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease



  • maintain good mental health;improve sleep


  • reduce stress to reduce smoking. Doing regular physical activity is therefore an effective way to prevent many health risks, at any age.

Among adults and seniors, regular physical activity:


  • slows the development of atherosclerosis, a degenerative blood vessel disease


  • decreases the risk of complications after a heart attack delays the possible onset of hypertension (high blood pressure);helps reduce symptoms of arthritis increases bone strength promotes the maintenance of good muscle mass


  • develops the sense of balance, which reduces the risk of falls and helps prevent fractures helps to stay independent longer.


Recommendations for physical activity, by age


Children from 0 to 5 years old


Young children should be active as often as possible in order to grow and develop well. Babies under 1 should move several times a day, especially with interactive floor play. Children 1-5 years old should be active for at least 3 hours a day. They should develop their motor skills by participating in games and activities of varying intensity. These games and activities can take place indoors or outdoors and in various environments, for example in water or on the ground. 


The older children get, the more they need to take part in sustained or effortful play. For example, running and jumping are high intensity activities. Participation in these games and activities should increase gradually, reaching at least 1 hour per day by age 5.


Examples of recommended activities


  • Children under 2 and a half years old cling


  • crawling and rolling on the ground choose for themselves among age-appropriate objects and toys placed around them self – repeating pre-walking movements, such as standing up or balancing. It is important that the baby or child can engage in these activities in a safe environment.


Children from 2 and a half to 5 years old-benefits of physical activity


  • ride a tricycle or bicycle


  • playing in fixed play structures in a par


  • walking or running on different surfaces that are more or less inclined


  • to climb playing ball with feet and hands to dance


Children from 5 to 12 years old and teenagers from 12 to 17 years old


Children and teens should get at least 1 hour of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day. At least 3 times a week, they should include activities that strengthen muscles and bones.The more active children and adolescents are, the more they feel the benefits.


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Examples of recommended activities


  • push-ups ( push-ups ) with knees on the floor


  • strength exercises that use body weight or to be done with elastic bands


  • skipping or hopping running practicing sports such as gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and tennis Adults and seniors Each week, adults and seniors should get at least 2.5 hours of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity. Physical activity sessions should last at least 10 minutes. At least twice a week, they should include activities aimed at strengthening muscles and bones, especially those in the thighs and legs.


The more a person is active, the more he feels the benefits


Examples of recommended activities


  • push-ups ( push-ups ) with knees on the floor


  • strength exercises that use body weight or to be done with elastic bands


  • skipping or hopping


  • running practicing sports such as gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and tennis


  • brisk walking


  • bike


Aqua fitness


Daily activities such as housekeeping, meal preparation and shopping.


Seniors with reduced mobilitySeniors with reduced mobility should do a variety of physical activities to improve their balance and prevent falls. For instance :aqua fitness;walking;strength exercises, which can be done even while sitting


stretching;exercises with elastic bands or balls.


Tips for being active


Getting started in physical activity is easier than you think. Start with low-intensity activities, then gradually increase your level of physical exertion. The important thing is to incorporate movement into your everyday life. To achieve this, you can for example register for courses or activities that are given according to a specific schedule practice a sport incorporate physical activity into your leisure time or travel, such as walking or cycling.



benefits of physical activity
benefits of physical activity


Here are some tips to help you get active


Choose an activity that you enjoy and that matches your personality. Go according to your preferences: activity that can be practiced alone or in a group, indoors or outdoors, with a fixed or variable schedule, etc Set a goal: relax, correct your posture, lose weight, take on a personal challenge etc.


Make sure you have the physical and financial capacity to engage in the activity you have chosen. Use your immediate surroundings as a training location. For example, do household chores yourself, such as cleaning, gardening or shovelling, which are good opportunities to move.


Walk whenever you get the chance

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Walk to work, or park your car a little farther than necessary and walk back to your place of work. If you are travelling by bus, get off a few stops before reaching your destination and walk the rest of the way.


Use the stairs instead of the elevator, or get off the elevator 1 or 2 floors before the one you are going to

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